Art Is Culture contains a collection of drawings, graphic designs, photos, and collages by visual artist Pierre Guynot de Boismenu depicting a series of cartoon characters.
My Story
I’m a visual artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I’ve been an active photographer since 2008, with extensive experience in fine art, product, macro, and still-life photography. I'm also a drawing artist working in digital and traditional mediums.
I’m originally from Uruguay, born in 1966. I lived there until 1990 when my dreams of seeing more of the world became a reality. For 14 years I travelled to and lived in many places until arriving in the amazing country of Canada in 2004, where I decided to settle. It has now become my home.
My Philosophy
I have loved music since I was young. I used to save money to buy vinyl records and spend endless hours listening to them. It was a time of discovery and innocence, where I would listen to all genres of music. And I remember noticing the records had a small tag on the cover that said, “Art is culture” (el arte es cultura). Even as an 8-year-old, I understood its meaning and importance, and, most importantly, I identified with it. A few decades later I still consider art as a very important part of everyone’s life, including my own.
It doesn’t matter if you are a successful artist, are up and coming, or you are someone trying new things. My life experience has led me to believe that some of us have a desire to express ourselves through a physical medium, producing something unique and personal. I speak personally when I say that expressing oneself this way is extremely satisfying.
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